Why Project Management Best Practices Can Make Your Team’s Success

Are you a project manager? Do you work in marketing or communications? Do you spend your working hours as an art director—or senior designer? Or maybe you rock the creative director role?

Whether you’re a communications specialist, senior project manager, or in-house director, the HOW Digital Asset & Project Management Forum will take you through one full day of conference programming specifically geared to improving your daily work life, indefinitely, with project management best practices.

Yes, that’s right. Only 1 day at the HOW Digital Asset & Project Management Conference for a huge payoff! How? We’ve joined forces with Andy Epstein —head of the BOSS group at Merck—and his team of project management superstars to lead you through project management best practices, and how to execute them for the long haul across your team’s structure.

HOW DA&PM Event with Andy Epstein

What’s So Important About Project Management Best Practices?

There’s a lot to learn about digital asset, content and project management—even if you think you have systems in place. Because this is an area of great impact on business outcomes, there’s a wealth of information to learn and implement.

In preparation for the HOW Digital Asset & Project Management Conference, I caught up with some of the experts to find out why top-notch project management and digital asset management practices are so critical to business success.

Business consultant guru and project management expert Dan Mucha will focus on metrics and workflow tool selection in his conference sessions. With an extensive history of advising Fortune 500 companies under his belt, Dan knows how to put the right tools in place for a creative team to succeed.

Digital Asset Management + Project Management Best Practices at HOW's DAPM Forum!

Want to help your organization run more effectively? Dan would urge you to use metrics, and use them correctly and completely. Metrics allow you to access information about your organziation’s health and performance—essentially getting a pulse on what’s happening.

At the HOW Digital Asset & Project Management Conference, Dan will share insights from his experiences in the field and his rich background in business to dig into workflow tools, selection and metrics.

Doesn’t sound like your cup of tea? Before you roll your eyes or dismiss the idea of digging in to metrics, remember that in order to establish project management best practices you have to get the vital signs.

Are Your Team’s Needs Truly Being Served + Met?

“Agencies have different metric needs than typical in-house needs. Corporate is concerned more with cost whereas agencies are profit-driven,” Dan explains. And the learning which tools to use to evaluate your organization’s needs, how to get started, execution and beyond. 

Start with big concerns—what is your organization concerned with. Build metrics around the questions you need to answer.

Get the project management best practices your team needs at HOW's DAPMF event!!

Why Are Metrics So Important to Your Team’s Success?

As a preview to the conference, Dan offers up some sage wisdom for accessing where your team is with these processes. For example, conduct customer satisfaction surveys. Dan predicts that you’ll discover a lot about where you are and next steps.

In a nutshell, the Digital Asset & Project Management Forum will help you put systems and processes in place to better understand:

  • Cycle time
  • Where labor is being spent
  • Where the resources are going
  • Your clients’ needs
  • And much, much more!

Catch two great HOW events in one place! Check out the HOW Interactive Design Conference, November 5-7 in Chicago! 

See what our speakers are saying about the event: 

HIDC 2013

“HOW Interactive Design Conference is a yearly opportunity to check in on what we do — to hear from each other about new technologies, new ways of doing things, and new ways of thinking. It’s an exciting and encouraging few days.”

Christopher Butler, COO, Newfangled