WOW: The New Face of HOW

Here at HOW, we’ve been thinking a lot about the future of the publication lately, and there was one recurring theme throughout all of our discussions: We need more POP. More pizzazz, if you will.

That’s why we’re rebranding HOW:


Meet WOW!, an all-new design publication where you’ll find all the glitz, glam and advice you need—and instead of getting it from industry professionals and creative minds of the past, you’ll learn what clients are calling good design. After all, what better way to serve your clients with designs that WOW than to take all of their sage insights without a pesky grain of salt?

WOW!’s core principles include:

  • The client knows more about design than you do.
  • Always make the logo bigger!
  • When in doubt, always choose Comic Sans. Papyrus is good too.
  • Design is so easy, anyone can do it without any training at all.
  • Logo design is best done in Microsoft Word.
  • If the client’s nephew can code, he’ll be the perfect partner for your web design project.
  • You’re obviously charging too much for your work.
  • C’mon, it’ll only take a minute!

Learn all of this and more in the all-new WOW! Magazine. Coming soon to newsstands.

Happy April Fool’s Day from your friends at WOW!—er, HOW.