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      SAP MM process will be covered explaining the Concept, Configuration, Master Data and Transaction

      Processing, Questions and Answers.

      Every day recap of the previous class Discussions and Interview and Certificate questions shall be


       ERP Overview

       Need for an Integrated Product o ERP Concept

      What is SAP

       Evaluation of SAP

       System Landscape o Navigation

       Materials Management Overview o Procurement Cycle and Processes o Inventory


       Inventory Control

      1. Enterprise Structure

      • Definitions

      • Assignments

      2. Master Data

      • Material Master

      • Vendor Master

      • Purchasing Info Record

      • Source list

      • Quota arrangement

      3. Purchasing

      • Introduction to different Purchasing documents

      • Classification of purchasing documents.

      • Configuration and creation of purchasing documents.

      • Purchase Requisition with and w/o source determination