A Printer’s Guide to Logo Design: Typeface, Proportion and the Pantone Matching System

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As any designer knows, a lot of work goes into a great logo design. The most successful logos of the world serve as iconic, globally-recognized symbols of each brand’s corporate identity.

If you’re looking for logo design tips and inspiration, you’ll find invaluable resources in A Printer’s Guide to Logo Design from Meluba Badges. In this handy guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about what goes into great logos, from using the Pantone color system to applying consistent typefaces. You’ll find great logo ideas and examples, including some of the most recognizable logos of the world.

Also in this handbook, you’ll learn how to design a logo that exemplifies your personal brand or your client’s organization. You’ll explore logo design examples that have effectively carried brands—and their designers—to worldwide fame.

With this free download, you’ll walk through the steps it takes to get started with a logo design, how to use the Pantone color matching system to ensure that your logo remains consistent across branded items and platforms, and how to make aesthetic decisions about your logo design. Simple enter your email and click submit to download the guide for free today.

From spot and process colors to logo presentation, this handbook shows you the ins and outs of creating and maintaining a great logo design.

This free download was created by Meluba Badges, a UK-based business that supplies personalized and branded name badges to a broad range of businesses and organizations. With years of experience in printing and reproducing corporate logos, Meluba provides a broad understanding of what it takes to represent corporate identity with an effective and cool logo design. Learn everything you need to consider when designing a logo, from printing and Pantone color matching to proportions and file types.

Logo designers, branding professionals, and printer’s will all benefit from perusing this free download. You’ll learn everything you need to know about creating and distributing your logo design, and you’ll see some great logo design ideas for inspiration along the way.

Here’s what you’ll find in this free download:

Find examples of successful logos for corporate identity. 

Successful Logos of the World

Coca-Cola, Nike, IKEA. Some of the most powerful brands from across the globe have become that way because of their great logos. Learn how to design a logo that incorporates all of the elements of the strongest brands in the world. In this collection, you’ll find logos of the world that demonstrate how corporate identity is represented globally. Explore what went into these designs and how the brands they represent have benefited from the meticulous work of designers like you.

Learn why to use the Pantone color matching system for true color representation.


Pantone Color Matching in Logo Design

When designing a logo, you must select the ideal color—or colors—to exemplify the brand you are representing. Color in design is always important, but it’s particularly crucial in logo design because the color must remain consistent throughout the look and feel of a brand’s documents, literature, and beyond. Most designers and printers ensure that the color of the logo remains consistent across different media using the Pantone Matching System. Printers and manufacturers all refer to the Pantone color system to keep logo designs consistent no matter where they appear. This guide includes information about using the Pantone Matching System and CMYK guides to keep logo colors cohesive.

Find some of our best logo design tips.


Logo Design & Corporate Identity

A great logo design must embody a brand’s corporate identity. In this guide, you’ll learn how typeface and brand guidelines contribute to the success of a logo. You’ll read about the essence of a brand, the approved versions of a logo, and the importance of the Pantone Matching System to a company’s color palette—both in the logo and across branded platforms and products. This aspect of logo design is especially important when you’re working with larger organizations that invest heavily in their brand and develop intensive brand guidelines to keep the presentation of their logo design.

Explore real logo design examples such as this example.


Logo Design Examples and Methods

You’ll not only find effective logo design examples in this comprehensive guide—you’ll also find detailed information about the proper file format for logos, as well as positioning, presentation and whitespace. Read about the standards for logo design and the specific ways brands and logo designers ensure that their logo needs to appear across brands.

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Logo design is an exciting and potentially lucrative field that gives designers the opportunity to create globally recognized brands. Whether you’re looking for logo design ideas or you’re just getting started as a logo designer, this guide is the perfect tool for you. If you’re interested in learning more about the role of the Pantone Matching System and typography in logo design, you’ll find plenty of tips, hints and resources that will help you develop your skills and your career. As simple as many logos of the world may seem, logo design is a complex art that requires extensive skill and research. If you love exploring effective logo designs and strategies, this guide is perfect for you!

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