5 Unique Creative Web Design Styles

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Today’s designers are more challenged than ever before. Their work is often incorporated across a multitude of platforms including the web. Working with different mediums can be counterintuitive, the audience might be the same, but their expectations of time and user experience are much different.

Creative web design requires inspiration, online web design courses every few months to keep current on new technology offerings and a list of trusted web design resources. One of the most comprehensive web design books is Patrick McNeil’s The Web Designer’s Idea Book, Volume 3. It is filled with web design tips and uses examples of existing sites to showcase cool web design ideas. We’ve excerpted 5 Unique Creative Web Design Styles for you as one of your web design resources. These five unique site types are some of the current web design trends businesses, organizations and independent designers are using to capture and engage their audiences. Web design cost is always a factor. Building based on function can help in containing costs. Grab your copy of this free download for some serious web design inspiration.

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Discover 5 Types of Creative Web Design Styles With this eBook

How much web design training is necessary to design a website? Which online web design courses are best? Does web design training take hours? Weeks?

Creative web design is a portion of the tasks delegated to designers and creative teams. Ongoing education is a personal goal, but keeping up with trends is crucial. Web design books are a great way to continue to learn. In this free download, users will find examples of how to organize sites based on function with five unique web design templates and styles covered. We hope they will inspire you with web design ideas.

Web Design Tutorials: #1 + AGENCY SITES

No matter how big or small, agency sites always have something to offer that will ensure an immediate “WOW!” These sites typically win all the web design awards and offer a few examples of work they’ve completed for other clients. In McNeil’s The Web Designer’s Idea Book, Volume 3, he sees the industry trend as moving toward a minimalist web design.

Web Design Tutorials: #2 + PORTFOLIO SITES

“A personal portfolio site is often cited as one of the most painful sites to build,” says McNeil. Touting your own work can be difficult. In 5 Unique Creative Web Design Styles there are several options explored. There is also a minimalist web design trend for portfolio sites as well.

Web Design Tutorials: #3 + E-COMMERCE SITES

“This is clearly an area strong rooted in making money and optimizing for return on any and every design change,” says McNeil about e-commerce sites. When it comes to web design cost, it is typically measured against a return on investment (ROI). This free download offers a few of the best web design tips and tricks to encourage browsing and motivate sales through design.

Web Design Tutorials: #4 Blog Web Design Templates

Web Design Tutorials: #4 + BLOG SITES

“I find the less overwhelming approach pulls me in and makes me want to reach more,” say McNeil of blog sites. Women may tend to disagree. Some of the most popular sites for women are filled with ads and continuous blog posts that make it nearly impossible to leave! Blog sites are as diverse as the people themselves. We’ll browse some web design templates and examples in the free download.

Web Design Tutorials: #5 Product Web Design Ideas

Web Design Tutorials: #5 + PRODUCT SITES

Overlooked by many marketers are the benefits of product sites, sometimes referred to as microsites. These can often provide the most creative web design inspiration with contests, interactivity and daily downloads developed as part of a promotional program. Product launches, redesigns or strategies to take away marketshare can be done by using product sites and a really incredible social marketing team.

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