Growing Your Freelance Business: A Guide for Freelance Graphic Design

Starting and Growing Your Freelance Graphic Design Business

Starting and maintaining a freelance graphic design business can be a challenge. Starting your freelance design business alone is difficult enough, but you also have to position yourself and your business, qualify clients, establish your rates, talk about money, take control of client negotiations, create metrics and track them, and establish your own career path.

If you want to learn how to start a freelance business or expand your freelance business, you’ll find an invaluable resource in this excerpt from HOW’s Growing Your Freelance Business: A Guide for Freelance Graphic Design. In this collection, you’ll find four articles from Ilise Benun, founder of Marketing Mentor and co-producer of the Creative Freelancer Conference. Ilise works with creative freelancers who are serious about building healthy businesses.

Whether you’re just starting out as a freelancer, making the switch from moonlighter to full-time solopreneur, or working to take your established freelance design operation to the next level, this guide is for you.

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From freelance design tips to ideas for getting freelance graphic design jobs, this comprehensive guide can help you build and grow your creative freelance business!

Is freelancing right for you? Once you’ve started your business, how do you focus it? How do you find and manage your clients?

This guide will help you answer these questions and transform your ideas into a profitable business. It’s your key to freelance success! Readers will explore tips for setting freelance graphic design rates, managing finances, communicating with clients and staying motivated. Using this guide, designers of all skill levels can learn how to start freelancing with this comprehensive collection. The four articles you’ll find in this excerpt from Growing Your Freelance Business include the best tips for jumping into freelance graphic design jobs. When you have a job, you’re essentially working for one main client. But when you’re running your own freelance business, you can have as many clients as you like, which makes you independent and allows you to focus on the work you love.

Here’s what you’ll find in this free download:


Are you cut out for your own graphic design freelance business?

Freelancing isn’t for everyone, so it’s important to see if it’s right for you before jumping head first into a freelance design business. In “Is Freelancing Right for You?” Ilise Benun outlines the 10 skills and personality traits you’ll need to start and maintain your business. If you meet these criteria, you’re well on your way to creating a healthy and successful freelance business.


Learn how to start a freelance business.

In “Making the Move,” Ilise shows you the six steps you’ll need to follow to prepare for the day you can launch your full-fledged freelance business. If you’re thinking of ditching your current job and starting a freelance business, follow these tips to plan and prepare for a successful launch. Learn how to become a freelance graphic designer that’s successful by positioning yourself and your business, qualify clients, establish your freelance design rates, talk about money, and more!


Find the focus of your freelance design business.

Since you’re wearing all of the hats in your business, you can’t afford to waste any time or money. That’s why it’s important to streamline your marketing efforts and your work, which means you need to focus. Any designer who aspires to be a freelancer has heard the advice that you should choose a specialty for your business. “Finding Your Focus” shows you why—and how—to do it. It’s a scary prospect to commit to one line of work, but everyone has a niche they enjoy. Find your fit and focus your freelance work!


Connect with the right clients for your creative freelance work.

The secret to closing a deal with new clients is ushering them through a step-by-step qualifying process that weeds out the wrong people and leaves you with your ideal clients. Don’t waste time chasing the wrong clients. Instead, implement the 5-step qualifying process to usher the right ones into your open arms. “5 Steps to Landing the Right Clients” is a great resource for creative freelance designers and aspiring freelancers who want to find reliable clients they can keep working with for years to come! This article also covers how to price your graphic design freelance jobs, so you can play the numbers game and win.


What are you waiting for? Download this guide to starting and maintaining your freelance design business today!

Do you dream of freelancing or expanding your freelance business? If you’re a confident, forward-thinking and business-savvy designer, you have no reason to avoid jumping into freelance graphic design. And if you’ve already established your creative freelance business, you’ll find all the resources you need to expand in Growing Your Freelance Business. This guide will teach you how to start a freelance business that is certain to success. Learn how to specialize and focus your business and find your ideal clients with Growing Your Freelance Business. Making the transition from full-timer to successful freelancer takes preparation, and hard work. If you’re thinking of going out on your own—or if you think that path is in your future—start planning and preparing now with this comprehensive guide to establishing and expanding yourself as a freelance designer.

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