Graphic Design Inspiration for Self-Promotion

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Self promotion should be a creative exercise done at least once a month showcasing an artist’s graphic design samples of their best graphic design work. So often, the notion of promoting oneself seems mired in negativity, when it should be just the opposite.

Successful designers and design firms can’t run a business without reaching out to potential clients and reminding current clients of their talents. If you aren’t prompting companies and agencies with graphic design project ideas on a consistent basis, you are probably going to lose market share to those who do.

5 Top Self-Promotion Graphic Design Ideas introduces creative graphic design ideas for getting noticed as well as remaining at the forefront of a client or potential client. There’s nothing wrong with tooting one’s own horn. In fact, it’s essential if you want to get more work, because it shows that you’re a reservoir for graphic design ideas’ inspiration.

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Do you need a little graphic design layout inspiration? You’re not alone. Graphic designers today are responsible for designs that cross several different mediums, making it necessary to consistently find inspiration in graphic design all around them.

5 Top Self-Promotion Graphic Design Ideas offers the graphic design ideas that did everything from landing a new job to inspiring charity. The best graphic design projects are often those done to promote one’s own work.

Browse through the five graphic design samples to see what projects were favorites in their portfolios and how self-promotion helped to increase awareness of their talent.

Graphic Design Inspiration

Even a billion-dollar brand like Facebook knows the value of staying in front of their best customers. Included in the Facebook Holiday Gift was a personal token to be used for charity. Allowing the recipient to choose their charity was a definite inspiration in graphic design, allowing their client get all the joy.

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The Best Graphic Design

When a talented graphic designer could not find work, he got some graphic design ideas inspiration from a friend. He went from no hope to landing three job offers. What did he do? Download 5 Top Self-Promotion Graphic Design Ideas and prepare to be awed. This creative graphic design will make you think.

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Graphic Design Ideas

How do you inspire your creative team when you can’t always be there? Barnhart used a simple office supply to maintain the company’s focus and generate ideas. This unique graphic design layout offers inspiration that will have you wondering why you didn’t recognize its potential before.

Creative Graphic Design

Graphic design project ideas sometimes need a hand from social media, especially if you’re trying to gain an investment in the project. Raw Design Studio used blogs to source entries for their “Christmas by Colour” project that helped to produce an A-1 sized poster with 500 favorite Christmas-inspired Pantone codes.

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Graphic Design Project Ideas

Take Off – Media Services used a holiday ritual and incorporated one of the most fun graphic design project ideas I’ve seen. The best part is that the idea is so simple and can be related to by both men and women. It screams creativity and helped the company to connect better with clients and employees.

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