100% Organic Gulf Oil

James Martin scooped up the polluted contents of this project to serve as a reminder to the oil disaster in the Gulf last year. James, Cardinal & Co. co-founder, saw the affected beaches while advising a Project M video project last summer.

“I knew I had to create a piece that shined some light on the situation. At the time, there was so much blame being thrown at BP for the spill happening, but internally I knew that it was our own dependence on the oil that put us in the predicament to begin with. I wanted the copy on the back to make evident that we as consumers were the cause of such a disaster and were to blame just as much as those in charge of drilling,” Martin says.

0 thoughts on “100% Organic Gulf Oil

  1. Lee

    Lame. Where is the oil? Sand looks great just as it has my entire life and I live in the region. I guess James doesn’t know that he relies on oil to eat/live and create his art. Everything from the jar he used to the label relied on oil. Stop acting like you’re better than everyone else and that your’re able to live a perfect life without any oil dependance.

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