11 Good Reasons

Presenting Our Top 11 Reasons Why You Should Register for the HOW Design Conference This Week (we couldn’t stop at 10):

11. You’ll have a chance to stockpile paper samples, stock photo catalogs and tons of other swag in the Resource Center.
10. Airfare to Austin is cheap from just about anywhere.
9. Closing party theme—Keep Austin Weird—is a great excuse to get your funk on.
8. New Designer’s Marketplace is a good source for well-made gifts to take back to your colleagues.
7. This year’s speaker lineup is especially good-looking.
6. You can totally customize the program to your personal interests. Like, maybe, this session: Freud, Sex and Graphic Design.
5. Mark Randall’s closing session will totally fire you up for changing the world through your work.
4. You’ll have a chance to meet the HOW staff and pitch to be in the magazine.
3. We have absolutely no idea what Marc English will do onstage, but we’re pretty sure it’ll be inspiring.
2. You’ll be even smarter when you leave Austin, with your brain packed full of new info on branding, Flash, color, fonts, marketing, business, leadership, creativity and more.
1. You’ll save 100 smackers if you register by midnight Friday.

Posted by Bryn