140 Characters: A Group Exhibition

If you’re into visual essays or mixing text and images, you’ll want to check out the One Hundred and Forty Character group exhibition at the Ronald Feldman Fine Arts gallery. Featuring 15 artists, this exhibition includes work from the 1970s to the present, and every piece incorporates text and visual language in various ways.

"Important Work" by Bob and Roberta Smith

“Important Work” by Bob and Roberta Smith


From artists taking a look at “the malleability of language” to re-purposing other texts to combining text and images to explore personal moments or emotions (such as the “Important Work” piece above), One Hundred Forty Characters includes many different theoretical approaches to text and image.

For example, Christine Hill takes famous motivational quotes and repaints them as retro grocery shop signs; Eleanor Antin takes a look at how modern society uses classification by categorizing modern women with library classification systems; and Nancy Chun combines cartoon-inspired imagery and phrases that call upon modern technology and ancient pictograph languages to create some interesting subject matter.

The exhibition, as described by the Ronald Feldman Fine Arts:

In our instinctual effort to communicate with other human beings, we call upon both imagery and language to convey everything from our simplest animal needs to the most intricate complexities of the human psyche. Where one falls short, the other compensates. Though the platforms for communication have expanded in tandem with our technological advancements, the urge to relay an age-old content remains unchanged.
Christine Hill, "Life Can Be Only Understood"

Christine Hill, “Life Can Be Only Understood”

One Hundred Forty Characters may have you feeling inspired to see what you can do with, well, 140 characters (perhaps, beyond a witty tweet).


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