2011 Holiday Gift Guide: Make an Entrance

All together, I’ll be buzzing around to eight holiday parties during the month of December. I never like to greet my host empty-handed when I make my entrance, so I scouted the web for a few goodies with jaw-dropping packaging and label design, naturally. See my picks below!

Urban WIne Works Packaging by Foundry Collective


I first noticed Urban Wine Works clever packaging (by Foundry Collective) featured on The Dieline. The label is not only easy on the eyes, but its helpful pairing instructions brings an approachable feel to wine-drinking that eliminates wine snobbery. I’d feel comfortable presenting a bottle to any host.

In addition to looking good, taste is very important to me when giving an edible gift. I love how the melt-in-your-mouth Happy Goat Caramels show through in this packaging. Then, there’s the caramel sauce, which was a silver finalist in the 2011 sofi food awards (a huge honor).

Olive Sinclair ChocolateOlive Sinclair Chocolate

Repeat after me: You can never go wrong with chocolate. Especially when its packaging has a southern flair that nods to simpler times. Nashville-based Olive & Sinclair Chocolate‘s packaging, designed by Anderson Design Group, also was featured on The Dieline.

Fat Toad Farm

You’ve got me pegged. I’m utterly obsessed with caramel. So therefor, I think that it’s the perfect little gift for someone sweet. The Toad-Ally Gift Box (top)  from Fat Toad Farm also was recognized as a sofi silver finalist. The farm’s logo was inked by The New Yorker cartoonist Edward Koren.

Herradura Packaging by Duffy & Partners If you really want to get the party started, bring your host a bottle of Herradura, one of the oldest Tequila brands dating back to 1870. Duffy & Partners revitalized the spirit’s look back in 2009. Read more about the revamp here.

So there you have it. Now don’t tell any of the hosts at the parties I’m attending what they may be getting in their stockings. I’m not done yet with my gift ideas. There also are a few designers on my list who may know a thing or two about packaging design. For those pros, I’ve also made some special picks:

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