2011 HOW Gift Guide: Business

There are so many great gifts out there for the business-minded—and not just a cheesy “World’s Best Boss” mug. Check out the list below for some of our favorite finds for your favorite freelancer, design firm owner, or corporate creative. (Or for yourself.)

Jack Spade Messenger Bag
Any on-the-go creative needs a good laptop bag, and this sturdy and sleek canvas number is guaranteed to last for years.

Steampunk USB Drive
Though it’s nothing new, this is a beautiful rendition of a steampunk USB drive. Let the irony sustain you through meeting after meeting.

Hanging Glass Bubbles
Add some extra oxygen to your surroundings and an airy presence to your workspace with this beautiful set of hanging glass bubbles. Bonus: air plants are super-easy to take care of and won’t shrivel up if you miss a watering.

Collator 10
A classic and timeless design, the Collator 10 was first introduced in 1942 in aluminum. It’s just as functional today, and will add a little pizzaz to any desktop.

Turn your smartphone into a traveling credit card swiper instantly with this highly-reviewed tool. Excuses for late payments from clients will be a thing of the past! (We wish.)

Balans Chair
Aching back? You might want to practice ergonomically sound posture by trying out this kneeling rocker chair, meant to increase circulation and open the angles of your body.

Dotz Cord Identifiers
These colorful and brilliant labels for your cords will simplify that tangle behind your desk. Never again unplug your desktop when you meant to grab your phone charger.

Rock and Vine Lamp
You need light to work those late hours, right? Bring some of the outdoors into your home office with this gorgeous rock lamp.

And finally, here are three of our favorite books; all three written by experts in their respective fields, friendly and approachable and full of useful information.

The Corporate Creative
Perfect for anyone working in an in-house environment, this in-the-trenches look at how to succeed in a corporate environment is a must-have.

Creative Professionals Guide to Money
For those who are striking out on their own, dealing with money can be very stressful. With this book, talking about money is totally demystified.

Whether in an in-house environment or working for yourself, you’ll need to know how to sell ideas to those with approval power. This book provides great tips and techniques for doing just that.