2011 HOW Gift Guide: Tech

Curated by HOW Designer Allison Smith

If your designer friends have aspirations to be techies or are just getting their feet wet in interactive design, here are some gifts to cheer them along.



Above the Fold

Everything you need to know to make smarter web-design decision is captured in this concise and useful book.

Touch Screen Gloves

You don’t have to freeze your fingers to use your iPad or iPhone. Just wear these handy gloves that turn your index finger and thumb into stylus tips.

Mini Cable Box

Hide power strips and excess cords neatly inside the Mini CableBox. Cords and cables slip through the opening – inside there’s plenty of room for a power adaptor or block charger.

“I Am a Key” USB Flash Drive

This handy little flash drives fits right in with the rest of the bauble hanging from your key ring.

Space Bar

The Space Bar is a simple desk accessory that minimizes clutter while providing additional USB ports for your computer.

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