30 Covers, 30 Days: Week 1 Design Recap

As the first full week of 30 covers in 30 days seven new covers have joined the blog roll. Seven great designers – Thy Doan, Traci Moore Clay, Mark Dudlik,  John DeGore, Bryony Gomez-Palacio, Josh Silverman, and Mark Kingsley have jumped on board and created some truly amazing book jacket designs. Design inspiration for the covers below ranges from a reworking of the classic Little Red Riding Hood to a calamitous and awkward first time to the futuristic fate of earth after the melting of the polar caps.

Click through the pictures below to read more about the designers and the inspiration and stories behind each of the covers. (Note: There are only six of the seven covers posted below. The seventh cover is featured here and is designed by Mark Dudlik. The image could potentially be deemed not safe for work, so click thorough with caution, but the novel synopsis behind it is absolutely hilarious.)


Thy Doan


Traci Moore Clay


John DeGore


Bryony Gomez-Palacio


Josh Silverman


Mark Kingsley








































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