360 Photography Captures Dancers as ‘Digital Statues’

Using 48 cameras aligned in a circle and triggered simultaneously, photographer Ryan Enn Hughes captured dancers in 360 degrees.

The bodies of the ballet and krump dancers frozen at the peak of a dance form look like digital statues. See for yourself in the 2 short films below. Plus, view a behind the scenes video of the project.


KRUMP 360 (The 360 Project) from Ryan Enn Hughes on Vimeo.

Krumping is a form of street dancing featuring highly expressive and exaggerated moves. Check out the energetic moves of dancers from Northbuck Crump in 360 degrees.


BALLET 360 (The 360 Project) from Ryan Enn Hughes on Vimeo.

On an opposite spectrum, see the more formal moves of a ballerina in “Ballet 360,” featuring ballerinas from Canada’s National Ballet School.


The 360 Project – Behind the Scenes from Ryan Enn Hughes on Vimeo.

See how Ryan Enn Hughes and all those who supported this project brought it to life in this amazing behind the scenes look.

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