5 Steps To Find The Perfect Stock Image

This useful blog post lays out a 5 step system for finding stock images for any project. Here’s step 1:

Before you can begin looking for the right image it’s critical to
gather and list all of the constraints you’ll face when using this
image. Almost every project has certain limitations on the imagery that
will work best in the final use, and it’s important to know these
limitations before you begin to spend time searching.

Here are a few common constraints to watch out for:

  • Exact Dimension (e.g. must be 3″x5″, can’t be wider than 600px)
  • Aspect Ratio (e.g. must be 8:10 aspect, must be portrait orientation)
  • Quality and Type (e.g. must be > 300dpi, must be in vector format)
  • Color (e.g. image needs to be predominantly blue, image should be light)
  • Misc Other Limits (e.g. image must be cut-out of background, etc…)

Once you have the exact details and requirements for your project,
put them into a list or some other format that’s good for quick
reference. This will help to easily cut out images that won’t work, as
well as help you save time and guarantee that the final choice is
perfect for the project.

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