5 Takeaways From HOW Design Live

Kamren Charpentier, a St. Louis, MO-based designer, sent me an email with a link to her blog where she’d written a summery of everything she learned at the recent HOW Design Live event in Boston.

 Always inspiring with jam-packed goodness, this year’s HOW Design Live Conference in Boston didn’t disappoint. Between star-sightings of designers I would sell my children on the black market to work for and talks that put me on a high greater than any drug, I was able to glean and summarize five interwoven key points from amazing event speakers that every creative should be privy to.

Her five key points are below, but you’ll have to read her post to really understand everything she gleaned from the event. (If you want to get a taste of all the HOW design conferences, MP3s of the sessions we were allowed to record are available now.)

Make a connection.

Be authentic.

Tell me a story.

Live and breathe creativity.

Designers: Don’t fear the code.