A Couple of Designers

Do opposites attract or is it better to have things in common like picking a PMS color for the living room wall? Take two designers and two fans of HOW magazine for two decades. Add two weddings with too many stories to fit here, and you have a match made in design heaven. In April of this year, the merging of minds and creative souls happened in more ways than one on a beach in the Bahamas and again on a beautiful walking bridge overlooking the Delaware River in Bucks County, PA. Posing with their beloved HOW magazine (their bible), Bill Milnazik (Axis visual) and Chanin Walsh (Brown Dog Design) tied the knot, and are embarking on their life together, both in marriage and design.

Chanin and Bill met 8 years ago through the industry. Chanin explains: “We contemplated merging on a business front prior to getting married, but were conscious of wanting the relationship to come first and not have our time together muddied with conversations about our common work or clients. We certainly did and do support each other when it comes to the many creative and career challenges, but keeping the businesses separate prior to getting married helped us to be objective with each others’ business demands.”

Cheers to the designing duo!