A New Look

So, we’ve known for quite awhile that HOW website’s been in need of, um, some renovation. To put it mildly. Today, at long last, in collaboration with our fantastic colleague, Larry, and his development team, we’re getting a fresh look. This new blog, which launched last week, was a preview of the new leaner, lighter, less cluttered look for HOW’s online presence.

Here’s what you’ll find on the new HOWdesign.com homepage:

  • A cleaner look, with ample white space
  • A bit less advertising
  • Social media links right there at your fingertips
  • Live feeds for the HOW Blog, Creative Freelancer Blog and In-HOWse Design Blog
  • A live feed showing the latest Forum threads
  • Links to the most recent articles
  • Navigation that leads you deeper into the 300+ articles on creativity, business, career and other content
  • News about HOW events and deadlines

Over the next day or so, we’ll be rolling out the new look, live, for HOWdesign.com, starting with the homepage and moving on to the HOW Forum. (Don’t worry, Forum folks: we’re just slapping a new coat of paint on; everything will still work the same. Which, depending on your opinion of our very ancient forum platform, is either a good thing or a bad thing.)

We’ll be fine-tuning and tweaking as we go, so bear with us. And by all means, comment here to let us know what you think of the new look.

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