A Perfect Day

School of Visual Arts MFA Candidate Elliot Walker created this short typographic film as his final project for Gail Anderson’s “Just Type” class.

We had to produce a motion graphics video using After Effects. The video had to be set to music, black and white, and strictly typographic. I chose to base my project on the idea of “a perfect day.” I asked dozens of people to answer the question “What is your perfect day?” Each answer was written on a dry erase board. I then animated each board using stop motion. The idea was to highlight the uniqueness and variety of the different responses by placing emphasis on how each individual chose to visually compose their response.

A Perfect Day from Elliott Walker on Vimeo.

via Design Work Life

0 thoughts on “A Perfect Day

  1. Fergy

    This was very nice! The music added the perfect light-hearted support to the fast-paced, casual responses. The variety of “type styles” felt like the voices of many different people.