A Year Of Beauty

Neenah Paper recently teamed up with Design Army and Contemporary Graphics to produce the 2012 CRANE  Paper Calendar, a stunning  paper calendar showcasing unique designs and technical printing processes. The calendar is printed on twelve different Crane papers from two grade lines. More than 10 distinct print craft techniques in different and unique combinations are demonstrated across the twelve months including multiple combinations of blind embossing, foil stamping, engraving, sculpted dies, letterpress, offset press, scoring, die-cutting and trimming.

“Our intent is to showcase Crane papers applying multiple specialty print production techniques in a way that encourages users to take notice of the possibilities of fine printing as a communication medium. Being a calendar, we know designers will interact with the finished product throughout the year but also hope they keep this long term as a guide and reference tool for years to come. As everyone knows, Crane brands are premium so our target audience include designers and corporate or organizational communication decision-makers. What better way to showcase the versatility and the elegance of premium 100% cotton fiber Crane papers and most hand-crafted printing techniques anywhere?” explains Tom Wright, design director at Neenah Paper, who turned to Design Army in Washington, DC and Contemporary Graphics in Pennsauken, NJ, to design and implement a solution.

“As we describe in our overleaf, customers can indulge in tactile delight of this elegant calendar all year long.  The key was to have just enough technique – but not too much—so that users can see a refreshing change in style throughout the year. The calendar is delivered inside our new ENVIRONMENT Folding Board—a substantial, value added 100% post consumer packaging solution that we recently added to our high-end paper offering. At a glance, the finished presentation is understated. But the thought and skill that lies behind this creation is richly layered and delightfully complex. We invite users to ‘touch’ it with their eyes; to ‘see’ it with their fingers,” Wright says.

Designers can request the calendar from their paper sales rep.