Ad Agency or Indie Band

Fast Company cracked me up this morning with a quiz about weird ad agency names. It totally had me stumped, but I managed to guess 5 out of 7 correctly.

Advertising creatives like to think of themselves as
rock stars, but the trend of too-hip-for-the-room agency names has gone
too far when they’re indistinguishable from the folks who sing for kids
sporting bushy beards and ironic T-shirts. Each item on our
multiple-choice quiz has the names of three actual bands and one

1) This Toronto-based agency successfully rebranded Frito-Lay’s
products to women by emphasizing simplicity and producing a series of
popular, humorous Webisodes:

  • A) Juniper Park
  • B) White Rabbits
  • C) Black Lips
  • D) Ra Ra Riot

Take the quiz.