Adobe’s Halloween Design Tips

On this eve of All Hallow’s Eve, you might be busy designing last minute Halloween-themed posters, signs and the sort. Even if you’re only in it for the candy, these tips from our friends at Adobe sure are sweet. Check out these Halloween design tips to make you more efficient at using Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and Muse that are good to know for any day. And read on for your chance to win a prize from Adobe.

Adobe Illustrator: Mask Automatically

adobehalloween2 copy

In Illustrator, you can draw or paste art and make it appear masked automatically.  Here’s how: Click on the “Draw Behind” icon at the bottom of the Tools panel. Then, select an object to become a clipping mask. (It can be a path, a compound path or a text object). The selected artwork will appear with a dashed border. As you draw (or paste copied artwork or images), it will appear within the boundaries of the object.


Adobe InDesign: Unusual Stroke Styles
Want to try something different? Open the Stroke Panel, and then choose “Stroke Styles …” from the flyout menu. With the Stroke Styles dialog open, click on “New” and name your new style “Lights”.  Now draw a box or line and apply the new “Lightsstroke style.


Adobe Muse: Colorize Black-and-White Grapics with Transparent Backgrounds

adobehalloween copyPlace the image in Adobe Muse and select it on the canvas. In the Control Panel, select Effects. Click on the Glow tab, then check “Glow” to enable the feature. Next, select your color, then define both “Opacity” and “Blur” to the maximum and then check “Inner glow”. To apply this to other objects, create a Graphic Style based on the colorized image you’ve created. Then, you can select and apply this style to other images. Happy Designing!

Win This Designer Career Wheel

Slider 1 Slider 2This wheel was designed by  Kelli Anderson in partnership with AIGA. Adobe asked Anderson to create something just for designers that would be both “eye-catching and useful.” According to Adobe,  “The existential calculator was the first thing Kelli came back with, and we loved it so much, we told her to run with it. It was all Kelli from there.”

Poster Design Competition 2013Don’t forget to enter your spooky poster design or other outstanding poster work in the HOW Poster Design Awards. Hurry, the competition closes this Friday, November 1.