“Adventure Time” Wallet Designs from Poketo

With these limited edition, second series of “Adventure Time” wallet designs from Poketo, I want to grab my friends and go to some very distant lands. (Did some of you start to sing the theme song with me? Maybe? No?) Even if you’re not a fan of the cartoon, you’ll still enjoy these illustrated wallets. All of the illustrations were created by designers Jon Vermilye, Nathalie Roland, Jesse Ledoux, and the design duo Jolby.


Wallet design by Nathalie Roland

Poketo’s website explains the artist’s thought process behind each design, such as the one above that features breakfast scenes from the show. If you haven’t seen “Adventure Time with Finn and Jake,” its a cartoon that features Finn, a young boy, and Jake, an old dog. The show centers on their friendship and all of the crazy adventures these two energetic heroes get into on a regular basis.

"Adventure Time Wallet 4" by Jon Vermilyea

Wallet design by Jon Vermilyea

Wallet design by Jesse LeDoux

Wallet design by Jesse LeDoux

Poketo’s blog is also featuring interviews with the designers, including pages from their sketchbook. Here’s an example from Nathalie Roland:


The wallets are part of a second series, limited edition release, so if you’re feigning for a new place to stash your hard-earned cash, don’t wait to get one. These might even make the Lumpy Space Princess smile (but, probably not).


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