Advice For Young Illustrators

Phil McAndrew is a San Diego-based illustrator and cartoonist who often gets questions from young artists about how to succeed as a professional illustrator. Phil posted some great bits of advice on his blog including this one:

If you don’t enjoy drawing enough to want to do it every single day then you should probably find another line of work! I don’t know about other freelancers, but I work seven days a week. Creativity is a muscle. If you want that muscle to stay strong you’ve got to use it every day. If you fall out of the habit of drawing every day it can be really tough to pick it up again. Muscles weaken much faster than they grow. So don’t stop drawing ever! Take a sketchbook with you everywhere. Keep a sketchbook next to your bed. Keep one in your backpack or hand bag. Delete Angry Birds from your phone and spend your time doodling while you’re waiting in line at the bank or riding the subway from 181st Street to Union Square. Drawing is your religion.

via Drawn!

0 thoughts on “Advice For Young Illustrators

  1. Tanner Christensen

    The advice is simple (“if you love something and want to get better at it, do it every day”) and yet many people just can’t seem to lock it down, hustle, and do the work.

    Illustrators definitely need to draw every day. But writers need to write every day too, and marketers need to practice marketing, artists need to paint, and we all need to smile.

    Wait, was that too cheesy to say here?