All Designers Go to Heaven

Designers deserve a special place in paradise for comments they endure when showing work to clients. Here are Top 10 actual client remarks gathered from AIGA Atlanta members prior to a “Selling Your Ideas” workshop by IdeaSelling author Sam Harrison (@ZingZone).

10. “This is too smart for our customers. Our customers are uneducated morons.”

9. “My 12-year-old son can design our website and it will cost a whole lot less than your estimate.”

8. “Make the ‘T’ sexier.”

7. “This will stand out too much from our competition.”

6. “Just let me run it by my wife.”

5. “So you can’t fit five pages of copy into one page?”

4. “Greek? I can’t read that. Translate it to English.”

3. “That brown is too white.”

2. “Can you make it look like my PowerPoint presentation?”

(drumroll …)

1. “I see a penis in those letterforms.”

Sound familiar?
Sam Harrison is a speaker, workshop leader and writer on creativity-related topics. His latest book, IdeaSelling: Successfully pitch your creative ideas to bosses, clients and other decision makers, was recently released by HOW Books. He also is the author of IdeaSpotting: How to find your next great idea, and Zing!: Five steps and 101 tips for creativity on command.

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0 thoughts on “All Designers Go to Heaven

  1. Christine Donnelly

    Ha. Thanks for the fun read. I especially love – no hate- # 6. Wife, friends, kids, babysitter – they all get a say and then round 2 is a nightmare. Great list of typical things that one might here on any given day.

    I’m suprised that “Well, what do you mean two days? Don’t you just push a few buttons in Photoshop?” didn’t make the top 10.

    Great post !

  2. patrickBODDEN

    and two of my favorites i’ve heard over the years:

    :: it’s just a detail.

    to which i reply : so is a a scratch across the hood of your porsche!

    :: it’s just a matter of opinion.

    to which i reply : yes. it is just a matter of opinion. however, my opinion is informed by 6 years of professional education and 40 years of experience.

  3. Eileen Schramm

    I figured you’d be so much cheaper than “X” — you have a home office so you don’t have any expenses….

    no…mortgage, utilities, hardware, software, insurances, etc etc etc…why would I have expenses???