All Up In Mike Perry’s Business

Awesome design blog Grain Edit has a new interview with designer/hand-rendered type master Mike Perry. We’ve admired his work ever since his book “Hand Job: A Catalog of Type” hit the scene.

How did the college experience affect who you are today?

I kinda had a fuck you attitude but worked as hard as I could. I was
there to learn and make; it took me a little while to start loosing up.
I didn’t drink my freshman year and just worked like a madman. I was
studying painting at that time and I laughed at the idea of using a
computer. I love how arrogant youth can leave you. But I was a purist.
Lucky the school was smarter than me and I was forced to take a design
/ computer class and for some reason it just clicked. I made the
craziest website all about chuck close. But the website was a maze. Who
knows. From there I was hooked.

Posted by Megan