Ampersand Tattoo Advice

So, I’m thinking of getting an ampersand tattoo. I’ve long loved the form of the ampersand and it’s open meaning makes it a good choice for a permanent type addition to my body. Right now I’m leaning toward either Caslon No. 337 Italic (top) or Hoefler Text Italic Alternate (bottom). Which other ones should I consider? What would you choose?

0 thoughts on “Ampersand Tattoo Advice

  1. Maria

    The second one will look the best and last the longer. The thinner lines in the first will spread (unfortunately) over time. Don’t go too smaller either… This is just based on experience and observation…

  2. meg

    i’m with Adam…love both but like the 2nd one better. Maria makes a valid point too. i think this is a great idea! will you post a pic after you have it done???

  3. Victor Martinez

    Caslon is nicer because of the contrast between thick and thin lines in the drawing, i’m afraid that the tatoo artist will “suffer” drawing it over the skin (that reacts very different from paper). Hoefler will be less complicated, at last, to be tatooed.

  4. steve l.

    I personally enjoy the Caslon one. Like Victor said, it has a nice contrast of thick and thin, but I also enjoy that it’s less symmetrical. It opens up to the top-right, which could lead nicely to more tattoos, or just a general feeling of “up up and away”. Yup, I’d go with Caslon.

    1. Sherry

      Good choice – just saw the post, was going to suggest that where you have it and how big or small will make a difference too. Am looking forward to seeing it.

  5. Laura

    I like the idea and vote for the Caslon. However, you might look like a walking billboard for Green & Black’s Organic Chocolate. This company uses the ampersand on most of its packaging and marketing materials (“Live in the &”).

    Although, Green & Black’s chocolate is definitely yummy, so maybe that’s not a bad thing?

    1. richard

      Ars longa, vita brevis. Wrinkled tattoos even more brevis. Everyone seems to remember Rembrandt through his art, not the heart with “mother” tattooed on his chest.

  6. Nicki

    Great idea! I like the strength of the second choice, but agree with everyone in that speaking with the artist regarding line, placement, and how it might age are really important. Keep sunblock on it, too! 🙂

  7. lycanthrope

    I’m getting an ampersand tattoo on my hip on Sunday afternoon. Don’t listen to the naysayers! The Hoefler alternate is gorgeous and I may swipe it for my tattoo artist to use. :o) Heal quickly, and do post pics!

  8. Hannah Nance

    I would choose the Hoefler, fo’ sho’.

    The Caslon ampersand seems very predictable for an ampersand tattoo, lovely a form as it is. The Hoefler mark is far more interesting, in my opinion.

    Best of luck!

  9. Jean

    I’d forget the tatoo that may expand as your skin ages and print some tee shirts, or find a place that will make non-permanent tatoos, so you can have many options and wear them to AIGA functions… Though you really can’t go wrong with either face, nice choices.