Ampersand Tattoo Update

My husband, who’s a designer, and I have always joked about getting wedding tattoos since neither of us like to wear our rings. After I decided on getting an ampersand tattoo, I realized it would be the perfect symbol for marriage. I went with the Hoefler Text Italic Alternate and my husband chose a blackletter revival called Leather. My ampersand is on the inside of my right wrist and his on the inside of his left wrist. When we hold hands, they touch (awwww).

5 thoughts on “Ampersand Tattoo Update

  1. D

    Love the idea! BUT…without sounding like a jackass… WHO did your tattoo? What a crappy job!

    A tattoo, specially a typeface/lettering one, should be impeccable. I would get it retouched and fixed so it doesn’t look like a jail tat.