An Interview With Designer Brian Miller

There’s a great interview with designer Brian Miller over on the Illustration Pages site. Miller is the owner of the Brian Miller Design Group and the author of the popular web design book Above the Fold: Understanding the Principles of Successful Website Design from HOW Books. Plus, view an exclusive interview with Brian Miller on Design TV.

What advice do you have for a print designer who wants to move into the Web? What’s the best approach?
Someone very important to me once told me that in order to be a runner you have to do exactly one thing: run. My advice to anyone looking to go into Web design is to put down the books, stop looking at the blogs and just start designing. As questions come up, seek answers, but I’ve noticed even in myself that I’ll spend months “studying” something before I actually start doing it. And the studying is almost never worth it. Nothing replaces just doing it… to coin a phrase.

Above the Fold book by Brian Miller