And Funny

With a great sense of humor and a talent for crafting gorgeous ampersands Haäfe & Haph are offering a collection of 10 ampersands for only $9.99, which comes as both .eps vector files and an opentype font.

Here’s their back story:

The year was 1887. Dierk Einhard Haäfe Master Typographer and Johan VanEngelbert Haph Suspected Wizard
were inventing a typography machine to compete with Mergenthaler’s
newly unveiled Linotype. With Haäfe’s typography experience and Haph’s
scientific and technical know-how, they were sure to revolutionize the
design industry. Misjudging the combined radioactive effects of (then
unknown) plutonium and liberal use of Dr. Kurl’s Moustache Wax ™,
 Johan inadvertently sparked a quantum flux ripping space-time wide
open and transporting the designers to the 21st Century. With no hope
of return, they set about re-establishing themselves as prominent
designers, quickly adapting to new technology with old-world flair.

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  1. Jason

    Where am I able to purchase a set? I am unable to find info here for a website, or any other buying information. This is a beautiful opportunity for type lovers. Please assist. Thank you.