And We’re Back

It took about 48 hours for us to recover (then again, we COULD use a little more sleep), but we’re all back at work at HOW HQ. Frankly, we’re feeling like everyone else who attended HOW’s events last week: energized, tired, still craving Denver food and a little crabby about being back at our desks. Oh, and dreading filling out our expense reports.

To keep us all going, we’ll be posting recaps all week. If you’ve written a blog post or created a Flickr set of photos from Denver, we want to know about it and to share it here. (For those of you who’ve asked, we’ll be uploading PDFs of handouts from the sessions that had them soon.) Here’s a bunch of good stuff to get started:

Dyana Valentine & Andy Epstein

Megan Patrick & Mig Reyes

Party fun (Neenah’s Jamie Saunders in front)


From speaker Dyana Valentine on Flickr
From longtime HOW Conference-goer Karen Larson on Flickr
From conference sponsor Neenah Paper of their White Party on Facebook
From conference sponsor Creative Edge on Facebook

Online Radio

Nate Voss and Donovan Beery’s in-depth recap of the conferences on their Reflex Blue Show (thanks, guys!!!!)
Jeni Herberger’s live Talk Story broadcast from Denver


Karen Larson’s recap
Dierdre Rienzo’s post about Creative Freelancer Conference on the Marketing Mix blog
Aaron Paulus’ best HOW Conference quotes


David Sherwin’s Better Ideas Faster
Justin Ahrens’s Life Kerning
Mark O’Brien Print to Web Breakthrough
Von Glitschka’s 5-Alarm Concepts