“The Lonely Dodo,” Aardman’s Animated Short

We know that many species are endangered, but the message to take action doesn’t always stick. The animated short “The Lonely Dodo” takes a different approach to get us to act.  This film focuses on the loneliness of the last dodo on earth to raise awareness about endangered species and Durrell, an international conversation charity. The Academy-award winning animation studio Aardman and brand agency TheFrameworks created “The Lonely Dodo.” Thankfully, it includes a bit of humor to save us all from the embarrassment of being teary-eyed at our computers.

David Alexander, senior designer at TheFrameworks explains the approach to the film:

We were moved by footage of the Last Tasmanian Tiger, lonely and resigned to extinction. Pairing this idea with the dodo, which is central to Durrell’s brand and a symbol of extinction, led us to the concept of The Lonely Dodo.

forest_comp And just when I wanted to tell the dodo that I would play cards with it (and even let the dodo win), “The Lonely Dodo” gives us hope by showing how efforts have saved some species from permanent demise. Durrell hopes that “The Lonely Dodo” will be their most successful fundraising campaign yet, so they can continue to help animals avoid the dodo’s plight.







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