Appleton Will Feature Letterpess Printed Keepsakes At HOW Design Live

Appleton Coated will be featuring letterpress printing demonstrations and limited-edition keepsakes from Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum during HOW Design Live (June 22-25 in Boston).

“Every day at the Resource Center, we’ll have a different giveaway exclusively designed and printed by Hamilton Wood Type for conference attendees,” says Ferkó X. Goldinger, advertising and promotion manager at Appleton Coated. These limited-edition items will highlight typefaces from Hamilton’s vast collection as printed on Utopia and Curious Collection papers in a variety of colors and finishes. In addition, Hamilton Wood Type will create the 12-foot-long posters that serve as the backdrop for Appleton Coated’s booth at HOW.

Located in Two Rivers, Wisconsin, the Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum is the only museum dedicated to the preservation, study, production and printing of wood type. Appleton Coated sponsors the museum’s type specimen sheet archiving program and documentation of its type collection. In addition to wood type, the museum is home to an array of advertising cuts from the 1930s through the 1970s, and all of the equipment necessary to make wood type and print with it, as well as equipment used in the production of hot metal type, tools of the craft and rare type specimen catalogs.

Hamilton Wood Type’s representatives will bring brayers, ink and type to Appleton Coated’s display booth at the HOW Design Conference. The over-sized posters will be hand embellished by the museum’s director, Jim Moran, and artistic director, Bill Moran. As brothers, they grew up amongst ink, type and paper. Both are respected creative professionals and historians. They will be printing some of Appleton Coated’s printed collectibles using a Chandler & Price Platen Press that has been in their family for three generations.

Hamilton Wood Type at HOW Design Live

Hamilton Wood Type at HOW Design Live

Hamilton Wood Type at HOW Design Live

Hamilton Wood Type at HOW Design LiveAll images 2012 Mark Hawkins Photography