Are You Charging Enough For Your Work?

Probably not! Learn how to set profitable prices with MyDesignShop’s Ultimate Pricing Collection, available only until the end of the day tomorrow.

August Ulitimate Pricing Collection provides information about how to price design services from Ilise Benun, Peleg Top, Emily Cohen, and others. You will find answers and insights into the questions about the value of your services, reasonable pricing, and how to get clients to appreciate and pay for your work.

In this collection you will get:

  • Designer’s Guide to Marketing and Pricing
  • The Pricing Game: A Real World Look at How to Price Design Projects OnDemand DesignCast
  • What Should I Charge? Smart Pricing Strategies for Designers OnDemand DesignCast
  • Graphic Artist Guild Handbook of Pricing and Ethics Guidelines
  • 4 Best Practices for Pricing Your Design Work OnDemand DesignCast

The Ultimate Pricing Essentials Collection is only available through August 31st.