3 Art and Photography Exhibitions to Check Out

It seems that as the weather rises, so does the number of exhibition openings. Here are 3 photography and art exhibitions that you’ll find interesting:

 Journey Inside a Flight Attendant’s Life

"Cockpit and Cabin Crews, Flughafen Frankfurt am Main"

“Cockpit and Cabin Crews, Flughafen Frankfurt am Main”

“The Flight Attendant Years: 1978-1986” is photographer Lucien Samaha’s first exhibition at the Lombard Freid Gallery. This exhibition takes a look at the era before the airline security become so very intense through black-and-white photographs from Samaha‘s work as a flight attendant for Trans World Airlines.

Samaha also shares some personal correspondence, his golden flight wings and other interesting artifacts. He recently photographed some of his former colleagues in their flight attendants uniforms earlier this month, too. Catch this intriguing, personal insight into the flight industry by August 2.


HERoica: New Work by National Affiliates 2013

"guardians" by Georgia Strange, on of the featured artists

“guardians” by Georgia Strange, one of the featured artists

Open until July 13 at the SOHO20 Chelsea Gallery, this all-women annual exhibition features the personal and political work of 13 National Affiliate artists and their guests.

According to their website, HERoica “addresses the interplay of heroic ideals and feminist values” through the wide range of subject matter, such as international diplomacy and family dramas, and through their different artist approaches, such as mixed media, collage, video, sculpture, installation and even hand-sewn dolls. The varied viewpoints and approaches these women take are definitely worth exploring.


Haim Steinbach: once again the world is flat

"creature," 2011, Steinbach

“creature,” 2011, Steinbach

This exhibition at CCS Bard Hessel Museum of Art is quite an impressive display of Haim Steinbach’s 40 year career. once again the world is flat includes Steinbach‘s grid-based paintings from the 70s, reconfigured historical installations and new works. The museum explains his work:

Known primarily for his paradigmatic shelves displaying everyday objects, once again the world is flat. offers a significant opportunity to reconsider the trajectory of this seminal artist’s work, through its evolution from early paintings to the later large-scale installations that have seldom been seen and are less known in the United States.

Steinbach’s thought-provoking art will be on display at the Hessel Museum of Art until December 20.


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