August/September Graphic Design News

Have you missed out on your weekly doses of graphic design news? So have we! But we’re back in action and happy to catch you up on a few important things you may have missed:

The Luxe Project Earns Street Cred

MOO Cards - Luxe Project

The latest 50-card collection from MOO’s The Luxe Project is inspired by rap song lyrics. The genius behind this rhythmic idea? Arianna Orland, whose series of Paper Jam Press posters use the same phrases. In her mind, “meditations” like “Keep Ya Head Up” or “Everyday I’m Hustlin'” are used to “remind us all to keep being awesome.” As with all Luxe Project collections, the proceeds will go to a charity. In this case, Orland chose a very fitting cause: VH1’s Save the Music Foundation.

Arianna Orland Collection

Adobe Improves InDesign CC

In the past few months, Adobe has continued to improve its offerings for Creative Cloud products. This time around, it’s InDesign CC that is donning some new features. Sync Settings, a program that allows designers to synchronize the settings they use in InDesign, such as keyboard shortcuts and workspace presets, to the Cloud. This ensures a seamless transition from one device to another. The new InDesign CC Server also helps increase efficiency by automating software designs and compositions. This means that designers can save time when producing high-quality publications for their clients. For more information on either feature, visit the Adobe Creative Layer blogAdobe_Creative_Cloud_icon_RGB_256px

New Portfolio Website for Photographers

Beam, a PhotoShelter product, is helping photographers show off their work in an elevated platform. The tool helps professionals sell their work and build their client lists though a customizable portfolio that can be viewed on any device. The stunning images and responsive site make Beam a user-friendly option for creatives. To learn more, visit the Beam Beta website.

Beam portfolio website

Neenah Debuts The Design Collection

A new line of products from Neenah Paper, aptly named The Design Collection, includes 11 well-known paper brands. Six of the papers are from North America, and the other five are from Italy. Those who use paper in their projects will love the options: colored, textured and pearlized. A new swatch book is also available with examples of every paper, which totals more than 100. The book contains print demos, usage recommendations and production considerations as well. For more information, visit the Neenah website.

Neenah Design Collection


Now that you have all your paper needs taken care of, it’s time to add some color. You need to get your hands on the Pantone Plus Series Color Bridge. Save 25% by using the promo code PANTONE 25.

Pantone Plus Series Color Bridge