Baltimore Studio Tours: Part 2

There’s a place I’d like to call letterpress heaven—and I went there while visiting local studios when I was in Baltimore for the UCDA Design Summit.

Pica, who lives at Gilah Press + Design, greeted me along with owner Kat Feuersten and her amicable team. They were folding a promo piece by hand feverishly when I arrived, and stopped to show me the inner-workings of Gilah. Kat took me first to Bessy, an 8×12 Chandler + Price platen press she first fell for in 2003 and quickly moved into her 500-square-foot space at the time. “Design came first,” admits the MICA grad. She opened Gilah, a boutique letterpress and spacious design studio, in 2004.

Watching presswoman Whitney Cecil handfeed luscious paper  into a press that has been modernized with a motor is entrancing. Kat explains the finer points of transferring the image to film and then to the adhesive polymer plates. The results? Well, see for yourself.

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