Battle of the Brands

Recently, the nation’s two largest discount retailers unveiled new looks for their store brands. Not surprising–the economy is turning more consumers to “generic” brands, and retailers are getting much smarter about packaging and positioning their house lines. (Our contact at Cincinnati-based branding agency LPK recently told us they’re taking the package-design work they’ve long done for P&G to grocery chains looking to freshen up their own goods.) has covered Walmart’s Great Value packaging, while BrandNew has featured Target’s Up and Up line. Both brands seemed to take a cue from Publix, whose phenomenally well-designed store goods revel in whitespace. (We’d argue that Publix does it much better.)

Take a look at the re-dos, then share your impressions on the HOW Forum.

Posted by Bryn

0 thoughts on “Battle of the Brands

  1. Matt

    Walmart’s is definitely better, but still makes the product look cheap–which is not necessarily good.

    Target’s change is more a lateral move.

    Publix’ does come across as the most sophisticated, but is a bit inconsistent. Photo illustration of salad on salad bag, buttered toast clip art on butter box?