Best Website Of 2010

FWA just announced the winner of Site of the Year 2010, and on top is The Wilderness Downtown, an interactive short film for Arcade Fire’s “We Used to Wait” track, utilizing Google’s Chrome Browser, Google Maps and HTML5. Here’s just one of the judges comments about why this project won:

Iain Tait, Wieden + Kennedy

“I didn’t choose Wilderness Downtown because of some kind of anti-Flash pro-trendy-HTML5 sentiment. Rather I chose it because of all the entries, here is something that has genuinely changed the game. In a few short months it’s become the most referenced piece of work that I can remember. And for good reason.

Using an amazing array of techniques the site draws you right into the heart of the song, evolving the pop promo from linear broadcast content into a highly personalized, multi-layered, experience. And it’s not just tricksy technique. It uses Google Maps and Street View to create real moments of nostalgia and surprise. Really inspiring work that’s re-set the bar at a new high.”

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  2. Christine

    This website really is an incredible ‘experience.’ It blew me away as I was not quite expecting the emotional impact that came along with it:) It was quite beautiful and extremely moving. Very well done!