Bicycles for our Minds

Designer Michael Mulvey was inspired by a Steve Job quotes to create a poster called Bicycles for our Minds. He’s trying to launch the project through Kickstarter. You can support him for as little as $1 and receive a decal of the design. For a pledge of $40, you’ll receive 1 signed poster, 6 decals, a digital wallpaper set (desktop + mobile) and your name and link on the project website.

In October 2011 I came across a YouTube video of Steve Jobs produced by the Library of Congress. In it he talks about how remarkable the computer is and how, it’s the equivalent of “a bicycle for our minds”. Like bicycles amplifying the efficiency of locomotion, so too do computers amplify the powers of our minds. According to Walter Isaacson’s biography of Jobs, he wanted to go as far as to rename the original Macintosh computer to ‘the Bicycle’.

Computers are bicycles for the mind. How beautiful.

After I watched the video a dozen times, I started sketching ideas in my sketchbook. A good friend and design colleague made the great suggestion to use the Golden Section as structure for the design.

Once I decided how and where to use the Golden Section, everything just fell into place and the design just seemed to reveal itself like magic.

I refined the design in Adobe Illustrator and realized this was something that I needed to share with everyone. I initially thought it would be fun to put the design on t-shirts (and I still do) but I quickly came to the conclusion that while a graphic t-shirt would be cool, this design deserved more. I concluded the poster was the best form factor.