Bike Type

What is it about designers and bikes? Whatever it is that fuels the love inspired Scott Kirkwood to create these amazing T-shirts featuring bikes built of type.

Curious about the process? I start with an actual photograph of a bike, or in some cases 3-4 similar photographs, and I lay the text over the image one letter at a time. I try to approximate the shape and dimensions very closely to start, but then as I get deeper into it, I take more liberties with the image, because it’s more fun, and because I want to portray the bike’s personality rather than simply copying it—hence the X’s and V’s in the mountain bike, the U-lock on the urban bike, and the exclamation points in the cruiser that I just completed. Each design takes about 3-4 hours, usually in 20-30 minute chunks. As you can imagine, it gets tiring picking which font has the ideal “W” for a given slot, but when I find the right one, it’s absolutely worth it.

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