Alex Trochut’s Binary Prints Transform Portraits

When the lights go out, what do you see? Alex Trochut, designer, illustrator, and typographer, saw darkness as an opportunity to bring another image to light. With his new technique, Trochut created “Binary Prints” that show 2 completely different images on the same surface. One image is visible in daylight and the other is only visible at night.

Murphy, day

James Murphy, day

Murphy, night

James Murphy, night

Trochut’s first series of binary prints includes portraits of some of the biggest names in electronic music, such as James Murphy, shown above. Just as these DJs light up at night, so do their portraits transform from daytime portraits to glowing images of their “nocturnal persona” as night falls. I asked Trochut to explain his motivation behind the project, and he says:

After finding a way to print images on one surface, I decided to do a personal project to test the Binary Prints technique. I asked myself what would be a dream project and a loud inner voice shouted, ‘Portraits for music heroes!’ After a year of traveling, photo shoots and a lot of hard work, the project launched at Sónar Music Festival [in June].


Alex Trochut

Trochut shared his future plans with me about the binary prints and his technique:

The idea is to exhibit the portraits around festivals and galleries, to keep working on more portraits, and to promote a product for the fans. The prints would work well in a domestic context, too. In any home, there is a spot for a binary print. I’m also keen to use this technique in collaboration with brands or other people. I feel this first series is a departing point that could go a long way.

Acid Paul

Acid Paul

I have to admit, these prints speak to the kid in me that is enticed by uncovering a secret image and things that glow-in-the-dark. I’m excited to see what Trochut does next with this technique.


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