Bluemarlin Brands Science for SCI-MX

After experiencing a boost in popularity, U.K.-based sports nutrition brand SCI-MX needed some new packaging to entice a broader range of consumers. Integrated brand design firm bluemarlin stepped in to help with the transition from a relatively unknown product to one that is sold in national grocery chains and independent stores as well as abroad.


As consumers become more health conscious, bluemarlin aimed to transform the marketing message from “the brand for sports performance” to “the brand for ‘You at your best.'” This new slogan helped SCI-MX promote a reputation based on high-quality and trust. It also shifted the focus to highlight the brand’s sports nutrition expertise and scientifically proven supplement formulas. The packaging backed up this message with a modern and professional look. Chris Hart, creative director for bluemarlin Bath, described the work by saying:

We wanted to empower the brand to break out of what is expected in the sports nutrition category. In recent years, body image has increasingly become a concern for modern men, so the goal with the design was to make SCI-MX relevant, approachable and applicable to men who want a more muscular and athletic physique.


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