Box Bottle Bag!

Design blog idsgn has an interview with Andrew Gibbs, author of the recent HOW book “Box, Bottle, Bag,” which was inspired by his packaging blog The Dieline.

IDSGN: You started The Dieline in 2007 as a weekend project to collect inspiring work. Today it has become an important voice in the industry, have you been surprised by its quick growth?ANDREW GIBBS: Yes and no. We have grown so large and so fast, it has been incredible. The response from the industry in a short 3 years has been overwhelming and inspiring. I started The Dieline because there was nothing like it, there was no site for packaging inspiration, nothing to see what was going on in the industry. We have grown from a few readers, to hundreds of thousands of dedicated and passionate people around the world. We filled a huge void in the industry, so I can see why our growth has been as big as it is. We have been very fortunate to have such a dedicated reader base!