Brain Grease

Bailey Gardiner,  a creative agency in San Diego, CA, recently created a brainstorm mobile app to help others be more creative. You can download it for free and use it at your next meeting to help get the ideas flowing.

Need help brainstorming? Get your creativity cranking with this easy to use thought stimulator. Chock-full of pre-brainstorm advice and actual prompts designed to generate a wide range of thinking, Brain Grease will help you find your next big idea.

Key features:
• Tips: great advice on how to prepare, run and get the most out of your brainstorm sessions
• Prompts: tons of brainstorm-tested thought starters to get your creative juices flowing during the actual session

Good ideas don’t come easily. But the more thoughts you can come up with, the better your chances of striking gold. Brain Grease will increase your creative output. Use it on your own or keep it handy for group discussions.

Inspiration is at your fingertips. Automatically improve brainstorm results by downloading this free app today.

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