Brand New IDEO Survives Global Make-a-Thon

After learning about the exhausting day-long logo recreation session Sagmeister & Walsh’s Jessica Walsh endured in the name of Adobe Max, it is hard to believe anyone else would be interested in undertaking such a monumental task. One design firm that also rose to the challenge recently is IDEO, when it upped the ante and decided to host a 24-hour Global Make-a-Thon.

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The Make-a-Thon consisted of the 10 IDEO offices—from California to Japan—working around-the-clock to explore the company’s brand identity (the Brand New IDEO, if you will) through new inspirations and innovations. The entire event was recorded on Core77 (no pressure there), and following the “global all-nighter,” 20 designers from all over the world met in San Francisco to discuss the results. Click here to find out more.

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