Brand New Veer

Veer, purveyor of cool fonts and images, has just announced a redesign of their site. now features a prominent search box on the homepage and a powerful search engine to make it fast and simple for people to find relevant images and fonts to meet nearly any budget.

Veer images are available in six standard sizes ranging from extra small to extra, extra large. Image search results can quickly be sorted by price and file size, as well as other more advanced options if needed, to help people find the right image for their project at the best possible price. Once people find an image they like, they can easily buy (download a clean version), try (download a “watermarked” file to see how it looks) or save (put in an album to refer back to later).

Veer offers affordable single fonts starting at just $10. Veer has classic fonts, new releases from small foundries and independent designers, plus Veer Exclusives not available anywhere else.

To celebrate the redesign, new customers who complete a full registration on will receive 10 free Veer Credits that can, for example, buy 10 extra small images, or a font, a small image and an extra small image.

0 thoughts on “Brand New Veer

  1. Greg

    Have to say I love the new homepage, and the more streamlined site is nice, but I wish the search controls were a bit more powerful (allowing you to consistently search only within a price range without having to continually shift the meter back to a specific price point).