Breaking Through Creative Blocks

Design blog ISO50 offers a great collection of short interviews with top designers about they overcome creative block.

I decided to ask some of today’s most exciting artists and creators
what they do when the ideas aren’t flowing. I left the question fairly
open ended and asked, What do you do to inspire your creativity when you find yourself in a rut?
As expected, I was presented with an array of strategies, ranging from
listening to Boards of Canada in a forest alone, to cooking up a storm
(recipe provided) and waiting for the mind to clear.

For example:

Nicolas Felton

I think I rely on a few tactics to keep my creativity flowing.

I try to alternate the tenor of my years, like crop rotations. In
odd-numbered years (eg, 2009) I travel more and concentrate on personal
projects and initiatives, while in even-numbered years (eg, 2008), I
try to do more work and make more of a profit. In the odd years, I try
to take a long trip. In 2005 I spent 5 weeks with a round-the-world
ticket, while in 2007 I went to China, Tibet and Nepal for 3 weeks.
After both trips, I returned to my desk filled with thoughts and
initiative to create.

My other strategy is to keep my plate as full as possible. I tend to
say yes to more than I can do, and the fear of failure keeps the work

When I’m really at a loss, and feel as if my designs are simply
circling the drain, I will leave the office. There’s no point in trying
to blindly bump into a solution, so whether it’s sketching in the park
or reading a book, I avoid trying to use brute force to get out… it’s a
bit like trying to get rid of the hiccups.

via Drawn!

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