Business in the Front, Party in the Back

What does the workspace for Chicago-based ReadySetMAKE have in common with the mysteriously coveted mullet? “Business in the front, party in the back!” say Jesse Hora and Abby Wynne, the creative design team specializing in art direction, print design, lettering and illustration.

“We live and work in our space,” says Abby. The creative team seems to have successfully blurred the lines of arranging a home-based office. “Our place is artsy, colorful, playful & inviting, but most importantly—functional. We keep all and every art supplies out where we can see them and use them. With giant desks and lots of open space, we can spread out and get dirty!”

They moved in February 2010, and launched ReadySetMAKE, or MAKE.™ for short, this past November (11/11 to be precise; they’re a bit superstitious). With every step, they’ve been finding the perfect balance with the decor for not just a home for two individuals, but a workspace. Jesse is a pack rat, while Abby thrives on cleanliness and clearing Jesse’s clutter.  “He keeps everything he finds or touches. He calls going down the back alley ‘shopping,'” she shares. So finding a balance meant surrounding themselves with some of these trinkets and treasures in an organized fashion.

What’s the biggest challenge with this multi-functional space?

“Doing the dishes. Isn’t that always the case? Since clients are coming in and out, and since it’s hard to get work done when you are sitting in clutter, there’s no putting off the daily chores for tomorrow,” Jesse says.

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